Start cooperate with our Foundation! YOU CAN according to your needs and abilities:
  • become a client to our helping activities;
  • make use of our editorial and schooling offers;
  • cooperate with us in our economic activity whose aim is to provide means to finance the essential activity;
  • support us materially (the donors who have offered more than 5000 € are conferred the title of the SPONSOR of the Foundation, and they can have a sit in the Foundation Council).

Leading project

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Welcome on "You Have a Chance" Foundation web page. You are invited here to professional prophylaxis conducted with patience!

Our approach to prophylaxis is based onto actual research base and congruent theoretical concepts.


We care to balance scientific point of view with passion of work and personal relations. We use statistics for better understanding of our situation, but not to dominate individual feelings.


Our Targets

"You Have a Chance Foundation works on the area of prophylaxis and education
Our main aims are:
  • stimulation of the proper psychological and social development of children and young people
  • correcting distempers in intrapsychic, interpersonal and social relations among children and young people
  • providing parents, tutors, teachers and psychologists professional, many-sided assistance in the process of education


Fundacja Szczescińska - Talent Promocja Postęp
2018-09-12 14:38:53
We invite you to participate in the international scientific conference "THE SYSTEM OF PROPHYLAXIS IN POLAND", organized by "You Have a Chance" Foundation December on December 11th, 2018 in Warsaw at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University. Information and registration form is available on the project website. The conference summarizes the results of the project commissioned by the Ministry of National Education as part of the government program Bezpieczna+.
2006-09-24 23:14:50