Zbigniew B. Gaś (red.), Robert Porzak, Wiesław Poleszak: „Effectiveness of institutional forms of helping the youth threatened by social exclusion / Effektivität institutioneller formen der Hilfe für die durch soziale exklusion gefährdeten jugendlichen” – the book presents results of a psychological research project which was undertaken among randomly selected juveniles and professional staff from education and resocialization centers for youth.
The research project was focused on determining:
• the specificity of human resources (professional employees and juvenile delinquents) in randomly selected education and resocialization centers (including stationary OHP centers, youth shelters and youth custody centers),
• and the quality of education and resocialization activities for dysfunctional youth conducted in these centers.
The research material collected in this way as well as the conclusions from the research will be used to develop training programs for the employees as well as customizing the corrective activities to particular offenders and monitoring their developments after leaving the centers (ISBN 978-83-900916-4-8, edition 2008).

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