Our tasks

Our tasks contain in particular:
  • helping people to overcome their private problems
  • -finding, organising and eliminating the negative factors which cause distempers in the proper psychological and social development of a young person
  • interfering with educational environments
  • getting at young people who are maladjusted and threatened with social pathology as well as trying to give them a chance to change their lifestyle
  • searching for or creating alternative environments for people undergoing a crisis
  • organising and running therapeutic institutions
  • organising special rehabilitation activities (e.g. therapeutic camps, mutual aid movements)
  • spreading the pedagogical and psychological knowledge
  • practical improvement of educational and managing abilities
  • improving of preventive and therapeutic abilities of psychologists and educators
  • editing professional books.

YOU CAN according to your needs and abilities:
  • become a client to our helping activities;
  • make use of our editorial and schooling offers;
  • cooperate with us in our economic activity whose aim is to provide means to finance the essential activity;
  • support us materially (the donors who have offered more than $5 000 are conferred the title of the SPONSOR of the Foundation, and they can have a sit in the Foundation Council.