2018-09-12 - conference "THE SYSTEM OF PROPHYLAXIS IN POLAND"

We invite you to participate in the international scientific conference "THE SYSTEM OF PROPHYLAXIS IN POLAND", organized by "You Have a Chance" Foundation December on December 11th, 2018 in Warsaw at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University. Information and registration form is available on the project website in the Conference menu. The conference summarizes the results of the project commissioned by the Ministry of National Education as part of the government program Bezpieczna+.
We sincerely invite for participation in the conference all persons dealing with prevention, problem behaviors and promotion of mental health, social assistance, health care and therapy, building a civic society, spiritual life, in particular representatives of schools and institutions subject to the Ministry of National Education.

The conference is the opportunity to exchange and learn effective methods and best practices in mental health promotion, school prophylaxis and prevention of high-risk behaviors among children and youths in Poland. Data inspiring discussion come from longitudinal research carried out as part of the project implemented in Poland in years 2016-2018. The conclusions coming from them concern the legal basis of prevention, its financing, organization and administration of prophylaxis programs, examples of effective programs, as well as support for school mental health, prophylaxis and prevention by activation of the socio-cultural school environment. During the conference, prominent experts in the field of mental health and prevention of addictions, aggression and violence from Poland, USA and other countries will present their studies, experiences, and ideas.

8:00 - Registration of participants
9:00 - Opening, welcome
9:15 - Plenary session I (moderator: Robert Porzak): School health promotion and prevention strategies
10:45 - coffee, poster session
11:15 - Plenary session II (moderator: Wiesław Poleszak): Animating the environment supporting mental health and the effectiveness of school prevention
12:45 - dinner, poster session
13: 30-15: 30 - Workshop sessions (parallel)
15: 30-16: 15 - Workshop plenary session summarizing workshop sessions
16:15 - coffee, poster session
16: 30-18: 00 - Thematic sessions (in parallel)
18: 00-19: 00 - Poster session

The language of the conference is Polish and English. Plenary sessions and selected workshops will be translated.
Plenary sessions will be broadcasted on the Internet. Video recordings of selected sessions and panels will be available after the conference.

During registration participants from Poland provide the PESEL ID number (necessary for the proper settlement of the grant), and if you want to submit a presentation / poster, it is also necessary to enter the title, 3-5 keywords AND 100-200 WORDS of the ABSTRACT for conference proceedings. We kindly ask you to prepare the above data before registration. In the application form it is also possible to resume the registration later. The data entered is saved temporarily without registering and application can be supplemented or corrected.

The conference is organized as part of the public task commissioned by the Ministry of National Education "Conducting comprehensive studies on the functioning of the preventive impact system in Poland (2016-2018)". The task financed from the government support program in 2015-2018 of school authorities in ensuring safe conditions for education, upbringing and care in schools - "Bezpieczna+".